You Won’t Believe What These 5 Foods Can Do For Your Skin

Beauty starts from the inside out and eating the right foods have the power to completely transform your skin. Here are the five best ways to combat various skin issues, from dark spots and fine lines to acne.

These colorful fruits are both delicious and great for your skin. Berries contain many antioxidants, which help prevent and slow down damage caused by free radicals. Damage from free radicals can lead to tissue damage which causes fine lines, wrinkles and loss of youthful volume.


Ok, we know this is a drink not a food, but who doesn’t love a nice glass of red wine?! Turns out that red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant with powerful cell regeneration affects that reduces both inflammation and damage caused by harmful long-term sun exposure.




Carrots are full of skin repairing Vitamin A, which can not only improve acne but wrinkles and brown spots as well. Products formulated with Vitamin A, called retinoids, are commonly prescribed by Dermatologists as a treatment for acne and other skin conditions. Luckily, you can skip the doctor’s appointment simply by eating carrots and as an alternative, this Yes To Carrots Night Cream provides equally as impressive results.


This is GREAT news. Turns out, this yummy treat has plant compounds, called cocoa flavanols, with amazing antioxidant properties. A 1-ounce portion a day can help improve circulation and hydrate the skin without causing any weight gain. Score!


Everybody knows that kale is a superfood. It can actually neutralize and absorb wavelengths of UV light that sunscreen cannot protect against. The Vitamin K in the leafy green reduces dark under eye circles, tightening skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Kale also provides a hefty amount of Vitamins A and C, which have skin firming properties. Sometimes we prefer our kale in liquid form, and this Naked Kale Blazer Juice is delicious.


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