Beat Summer Acne with this Natural Makeup Routine

Your Skin Will Thank You for this Natural Makeup Routine

If you don’t plan to wear natural makeup this summer, it might be safe to say you don’t plan to have nice skin once the cooler months roll around. From pool parties, to BBQs, and street festivals, you will spend a lot of time outdoors under the harmful rays of the sun. We know that you want to be as comfortable and cute as ever – after all it is cuffing season, right? Well, one of the easiest ways to feel uncomfortable in the heat is by not allowing your skin room to breathe. Some of the common ways you block your skin from ventilation is by wearing clothing that’s not breathable and wearing way too much makeup! Yes, some of us prefer to wear foundation or concealer to cover blemishes, but really, is it worth it? The surest way to breakout is by wearing cakey makeup in hot, humid conditions. Take a few minutes to check out this makeup, no makeup tutorial for girls and guys who want to look fresh and cute all summer ’19.


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