All-White Beauty Looks Ready for Summer

Summer is Almost Here… Time to Rock All White Beauty Looks!

You probably heard this before, “you can’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.” Oh, the many rules we live by in the beauty and fashion worlds! If you’re like me, you probably don’t care about this particular rule – I rock all white year round! Seriously, what better way to make a statement than to wear all-white during cooler months where people are in muted hues?! In preparation for the summer kickoff, Memorial Day weekend, let’s look at where this rule came from.

According to an article written for Marie Claire, the rule came about in the 19th century as a way of separating “the old money elitists from the new money group”. Because most people wore white during winter vacations in warmer climates, white was a “look of leisure” reserved for those who could afford it. Imagine fashion and beauty being used as tools to separate classes! Groundbreaking, right? While there are other theories about this rule, the fact remains that you should feel free to wear whatever you want, whenever you want! After all, fashion and beauty rules are meant to be bent and broken by whoever rocks their ‘fit.

Earlier this year, we covered some of Spring’s hottest beauty trends that we’re sure you picked up by now. Staying in topic of all-white, I rounded up four simple but fun all white beauty looks that I hope to see people rocking this summer!

White Winged Eyeliner

Last year, Rihanna wore white winged eyeliner during her Paris Fashion Week rounds and of course, started a frenzy of girls and guys clamoring to recreate her look! This year, I think it’s worth another shot; this time with a little bit more funk like the look below.

Graphic white winged eyeliner

Bold White Eye Shadow

Keeping in trend with the bold eye shadow looks we saw on runways for FW2019 showcases, this look is perfect for street and desert festivals alike!

Bold white eyeshadow

White Metallic Lipstick

While we’re still on the search for a lip color that can achieve this look exactly, try using a white liner and topping it with shimmer for a futuristic vibe. Side note on this look: less is more. If your lips are white, everything else can be understated or nonexistent. You’re welcome.

White metallic lipstick

White Nails  

Is it even summer if you don’t paint your fingernails or toenails white?! White toenails have become such a staple for influencers and celebrities alike, that they don’t even wait for summer – they wear it year round! I must admit, there is something about white polish that looks so clean against any skin tone. My only gripe with white polish is it looks dingy with excessive wear and tear.

White fingernail polish on black model

If you loved any of these looks and want to share with us, be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your all white looks! We would love to see them, babe.


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