Rihanna wears pink satin slip dress with ginger, butt length box braids for Fenty pop up shop in NYC

Surprise, Rihanna Invented Box Braids

Rihanna Wore Box Braids, so now We Want to Wear Box Braids

Box braids are now Rihanna’s trend to own. As with most trends, Rihanna rocks them so well that it’s hard to remember who wore them before she did. For the launch of her Fenty pop-up shop in NYC, the business mogul was pretty in pink, with ginger, butt length box braids in tow. Over here we recognize Rihanna for her hairstyle and fashion choices, equally. Besides her dainty pink satin slip dress and matching sandals, people couldn’t help but to gawk at a hairstyle we’ve never seen on her – box braids a la Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice.

Rihanna wears satin pink slip dress and ginger box braids at NYC Fenty pop up shop
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Just in case you’re not aware, box braids are a go-to protective style for girls with kinky or “natural” hair. The braids can be smedium, medium, or large. As with most hairstyles worn by girls with afro texture hair, box braids originated in Africa and has since been worn by girls everywhere. The key to nailing this hairstyle is to use synthetic or human hair that adds thickness and length. If you truly want to “protect” your hair, it’s necessary not to forgo the extensions option even if your hair is thick and long enough to do so. Besides, wearing your natural hair in box braids, sans extensions, can create a frizzy mess sooner than you want!

It’s safe to say that braided baddies will be ditching Fulani (tribal) braids – braids that gained popularity over the past few months – and returning to their box braids roots! Pun intended.  Because we know that hair braiders will be #bookedandbusy over the next few weeks, we decided to pull some inspiration from our favorite magazine, Instagram, to get you on the way! Tell us what you think.

Summer ready long time

One of our favorite influencers, Farah (aka @farahpink), was ahead of Riri’s style game when she rocked her box braids during week 1 of Coachella! The NYC-based influencer is fresh-faced and sun-kissed with box braids to match.

Smedium box braids on 4a type hair

Now, we can’t be certain about what type of hair beauty blogger, Alissa Zinnerman has, but we can be certain about how bomb her box braids look! From her braids, to her orange monochrome eye makeup, and striking red lip, we have a feeling she is about to kill the game this summer.

117 box braids later…

Did we mention that box braids take time?! Not only is the braiding process long, but taking them down is equally as long! This is not for the faint at heart, but beauty and self care blogger, Ambrosia Malbrough makes it look so easy. By the way, who ever said box braids can’t be versatile doesn’t know the first thing about them.


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117 braids is tough to knock out when you have a busy toddler 😅 some two of those days I probably only did like 2 braids. It took me an entire week to finish these braids, I needed the hair break and the goal is to keep them in for 4-6 weeks. I still do weekly washes while braided so I will be showing you guys how I maintain a clean scalp and keep my hair moisturizer while wearing these braids. If you’re thinking about doing a protective style, check out my YouTube playlist “Protective Styles” I have everything in there! faux locs, yarn braids, yarn twists Senegal twists and so much more! 🌻 🌻 #naturalhair #protectivestylesfornaturalhair #protectivestyles #protectivebraids #individualbraids #naturalhairaz #arizonabraids #azbraids #longbraids #boxbraids #longsingles #neatbraids #neatbraidsareeverything

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A classy updo with box braids

Speaking of versatility, @serrabellum is the epitome of class and grace with her box braids updo! Besides the fact that her feed is an entire mood, we love how she switches it up so effortlessly.


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#Ad [SWIPE]…Braids are back in!!🦋 @darlingnigeria #darlingnigeria #findyourbeautiful

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