Fall Beauty Trends from Rodarte’s RTW Lookbook

We Can’t Wait to Try these Fall Beauty Trends Inspired by Rodarte’s RTW Lookbook

Just in case you’re unaware, fall beauty trends emerge during Spring runway showcases. This year, we were particularly inspired by Rodarte’s Fall 2018 Ready To Wear Lookbook! The lookbook, which features a few actresses and entertainers you may recognize, has made its rounds on the Internet to much approval. Besides the whimsical but dark beauty and fashion looks, we were pleasantly surprised by Kirsten Dunst’s pregnancy confirmation.

Scroll further to see which fall beauty trends you may want to try this year.

Glowing Skin

Black Panther actress, Danai Gurira, embodies that “glow from within” look that every makeup enthusiast likes to achieve. We love how the lighting touches her skin in just the right places, drawing attention only to her bold red lip. We couldn’t think of a better way to compliment this black and white Victorian-esque dress.

The Classic Red Lip

There could be no better fall beauty trend than the classic red lip. In a sea of trendy electric lip colors, this one has withstood the test of time. Actress and activist, Rowan Blanchard, looks absolutely stunning in this gothic fairy look. Besides her bold red lip, we love her wavy, shoulder length bob and barely there makeup. While most people are piling on clothes to stay warm during colder months, a scaled back makeup, no makeup look is also the perfect fall beauty trend.

Blushing with pride

Who would’ve thought that rosy cheeks would be the breakout fall beauty trend?! Singers and actresses, Chloe & Halle, don blushin cheeks in one of the more edgy looks from Rodarte’s lookbook. The sisters look like baby dolls with their pink cheeks and lips to match, don’t you think?

Defined Brows

In our opinion, defined, full brows should be a fall beauty trend every year! Nothing quite frames your face and pulls your makeup look together like strong brows! Actress, Tessa Mae Thompson is living out our best #browgoals moment and we’re not mad at all.

Matte Foundation

Yes, dewy skin is always in, but look at that porcelain skin of Hong Chau? Another surprising fall beauty trend is matte skin – best achieved by using a matte foundation. The Downsizing actress looks like a doll in this sheer, lacy blue number.

Hair Accessories    

Perhaps the biggest twist of Rodarte’s RTW lookbook is Kirsten Dunst’s pregnancy! The soon-to-be mom rocked a soft pink flower clip in her hair, perhaps suggesting that she is expecting a girl. It’s been a while since we’ve gone gaga over hair accessories as a collective, so we’re excited to see everyone’s take on this trend in months to come.

Photographer: Autumn Wilde


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