Generation Alpha is Coming for Our Necks!

Led by North West, Generation Alpha is Coming to Take Everything We’re Holding Onto

How soon before we crown North West the Queen of Generation Alpha, please? North West is the cover star for WWD’s February issue and, well, she killed it. This isn’t North’s first time at the rodeo. At just five years old, North has already had a spread in Interview magazine with her mega mogul mom, Kim Kardashian-West, and walked the runway for L.O.L Surprise. What stands out most about North’s upcoming cover is that she did it alone. Let that sink in.

Like mother… and father

The eldest child of Kim and Kanye is not quite unlike her mother and father. Her vivacious personality displayed on KKW’s Instastories and Snapchat show us that she got her love for the camera from her mother. While her bold, sometimes racy, outfit choices show us that she got her creativity from her father. In all of her splendor, North West is leading the way for Generation Alpha – a generation that many say love fashion and beauty more than their [millennial] parents and predecessors.

For her cover, North gives us Baby Spice a la Spice Girls vibes… but made it fashion, no less. Her neon coral sheer dress worn over a pale pink slip dress is endearing, even for a five-year old. North put every Generation Z Instagram baddie to shame with the combination of neon coral eye shadow, high pigtails with braids, and baby hairs! Less is more and she didn’t even have to try hard to be this cute – she just is!

Taken from WWD Magazine | Shot by JUCO / Beauty Inc.

North rocked another sheer neon coral look with holographic Dr. Martens boots and her signature pigtails. I’m less interested that she landed the cover – c’mon, that’s expected – and more amazed that she seems to know her angles! Seriously, look at your childhood photos (if you haven’t lost or burnt them all by now) and ask yourself, “self, was I this confident and cool as a kid?” Probably not.

Kids will be kids

If you’re a parent reading this with a judgmental heart, drink some water and calm down, babe. Kim and Kanye aren’t the only parents allowing their Generation Alpha kids to express themselves freely. It turns out that outside of the U.S., beauty companies are hip to this emerging generation which WWD says will comprise half of the population by 2025. In South Korea, ShuShu Cosmetics creates products for girls like Miss North West. Some of their products, which can be found on Kurious Mall dot com, include: nail tips, masks, and lip crayons. With K-Beauty continuing to grow outside of South Korea, it is no surprise that Koreans found innovative ways to expand their market.

When I think of North West and other children like her, I reflect on my days of playing in my mom’s makeup and wearing her clothes. Doing that didn’t make me perform poorly in school – I was a top scholar and athlete, actually. It also didn’t make me like boys any more or less than I naturally did. It was simply fun and made me feel more like my mom and the other women in my family. With that in mind, what harm could possibly be done in allowing girls the freedom to be themselves and emulate the women who nurture and love them most?

Maybe with Generation Alpha, we will truly come to appreciate the expression of creativity and individuality once and for all. With the stench of stuffiness and political correctness permeating the air, it is refreshing to see someone so innocent enjoying something that isn’t causing her or anyone else any harm.

Congratulations to North on her cover! We look forward to seeing more cuties like her gracing the covers of magazines.


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