How To Revive Your Skin After A Night Out

Ah, summertime… long days filled with sun and even longer nights filled with drinking and dancing. But all that fun can truly wreak havoc on your skin. We’ve told you how to save your skin from the sun this summer, so now it’s time for some advice on how to rejuvenate after a long night out.

1) Hydrate

For the millionth time, hydrate! You need to be drinking even more water than you usually do in order to flush out all of the toxins in both your system and your skin. You were definitely sweating a lot while jujuing on that beat, so it’s only fair to give your body a break in order to recuperate. 

2) Face Mask

All face masks are great face masks, however we recommend a nice clay or charcoal one! These two really make your pores feel refreshed and squeaky clean, leaving you with that amazing cool feeling. We all know your probably still wearing your makeup from last night, and even the same clothes for that matter, but a nice face mask can make you feel as good as new!

3) Healthy Eating

The amount of fun we have during a night out can make its way into the next day. Besides drinking a ton of water, another way to calm the stomach is getting in your fruits and veggies. Now, we understand how frightening brussel sprouts can be but good news is that there are plenty of other greens that you can indulge in. In fact…Kale happens to be a great one. The Vitamin K in Kale treats dark circles and helps aid your skin spots, AND it is packed for nutrients helping you feel a lot more nutritious and clean after a long night.

4) Herbal Tea

Another great stomach relaxer is herbal tea. Sit in your bed with your comfiest pajamas on, grab a mug of your favorite flavored hot tea, and have a Netflix and Chill with yourself! Herbal tea is great with helping headaches and a spoonful of honey coats the throat and all around adds some sweetness! Say goodbye to indigestion and that scratchy throat!

4) Sleep

We cannot express to you enough how important sleep is. Often most people are down on sleep and rely on caffeine to do the job for them. Though, this obviously helps us through the day, we eventually crash until we must start the caffeinated process over again. This is crucial to keeping your immune system strong and relaxed after a long night out.

5) Exercise

Exercise, only if you’re feeling up for it. Some believe that by exercising you are literally “sweating out your toxins.”  Exercise releases endorphins in our brains making us all around feel amazing, and super refreshed. Exercising after a long night out can make you feel a lot more lively and detoxed, but you definitely don’t want to push it if your body isn’t feeling up to it!


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