Jaclyn Hill of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Comes Under Fire for Releasing Contaminated Products

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Comes Under Fire

So, how old are those “new” Jaclyn Hill lipsticks, really?

On May 30th, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was launched by YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. The long awaited, eponymous line was released to much fanfare. Jaclyn Hill made a name for herself as many [beauty] influencers do these days: by finding her niche and sticking to it. From gritty, in depth beauty tutorials, fashion look books, and funny videos like this Truth or Dare video she did with Manny MUA and Laura Lee, Jaclyn built an audience of people who love and consume everything she does! With over 6 million followers on Instagram and about 6 million on YouTube, Jaclyn has collaborated with major cosmetic companies, such as: Morphe Cosmetics and BECCA Cosmetics. That is why it should come as no surprise that Jaclyn took a similar route as other big name influencers and launched her own cosmetics line.


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Twitter fingers

As mentioned, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was long awaited and debuted to much fanfare… that is until people started complaining about the products. Customers complained about stray hairs, melted, holey products, and lipsticks with fine bubbles that look like measles. Many who purchased the lipsticks did what most outraged customers do: took to the Internet [Twitter] and blasted the influencer for the defective products. The tweets ranged from genuine concern, anger, to outright hilarity! While people continue to express their outrage, with some admonishing Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics to issue a recall, the YouTuber and entrepreneur has remained mostly silent on the issue.


I’m sorry, maybe

In a few tweets, Jaclyn apologized for the issues, offered to provide full refunds and new lipsticks, and defended her manufacturing process all at the same time. Whether or not she launched with expired lipsticks, remains to be seen. Now, we don’t pretend to be PR gurus, but given the media storm surrounding her “contaminated” lipsticks, a total recall might be the best route to go. At least if she wants to save her brand image at all.

Social media influencers are the new entrepreneurs

In all of this mess, we can’t help but to reflect on the upsurge of social media influencers starting their own companies. Not only do we live in an age where most Gen Yers (commonly known as “millennials) are keen on starting their own businesses, but this generation is led by people like Jaclyn who have a cult following of fans on their social media platforms. While cashing in on your social media following is genius, being great at curating content and “connecting with” an audience does not mean you have what it takes to run a business.

Running a business is tough work – don’t mind any of the viral quotes and posts you see on social media that suggest otherwise. It takes a kind of stamina and soft skills that quite frankly, not many people have. There is a reason why there are more workers in the world than there are business owners, for example. Some people are simply cut out for entrepreneurship, while others do best in positions where they “serve”. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with “serving” others; the world is missing people who have the heart to do it humbly and dutifully if you ask me.

Now, I know you probably cringed a million times while reading that last paragraph, but hear me out. To date, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has not issued a recall for their faulty lipsticks. All complaints point to a botched manufacturing experience and a bit of ignorance on the part of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. Yes, a recall will probably cost Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics a lot of money, but it won’t cost the company nearly as much as losing its credibility over the long term because of its owners indiscretions or inaction. People are more likely to forgive your oversight if you take accountability for it than they are if you are simply negligent or don’t seem to care. Being part of a microwave generation who wants things on demand, it can be difficult to see grasp that.

Another day, another beauty influencer scandal

Overall, I’m sure this debacle will blow over as do all influencer scandals. People who follow Jaclyn may never forget it, but I doubt that this will cut into new opportunities that are sure to come her way. Let’s consider this a learning curve or growing pain. Speaking of learning curve, we found this really useful article from Dermstore that tells you everything you need to know about the shelf life of cosmetics. Here are some important tidbits:


Six months to a year depending on the type of foundation. Liquid style foundations can last up to a year. If you have a sponge-style foundation or “a cream-based one that requires you to re-dip your fingers or sponge blenders into it, cut yourself off at six months. Why? “Because they are more easily contaminated with acne, causing bacteria or yeast,” she explains.”


If you’re a blush pro, the good news is that powder blush will last a few years. A gel stick or cream blush might dry out faster with consistent use.

Eye shadow

Just like blush, eye shadow can last for years.


Three to six months. “This is a product that screams ‘double dipping’ and it is applied to an ‘open area’ that comes in contact with body fluids, so it is prone to breeding bacteria and yeast in the tube,” Dr. Shainhouse explains.”

Lipstick and lip pencils

Up to a full year. If you use the same lipstick daily, you will need to replace yours every six months.

The moral of the story is know when to let things go, especially if they become toxic! That applies to cosmetics and relationships, too! If you purchased any of the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics products and had a poor experience, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear about it.


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