Turn Your Beauty Regimen Into A Form of Self-Care


It’s obvious that activities like yoga and meditation are taking over in the world of self-care, but did you know your beauty regimen can give you similar benefits? This year we’re all about our physical, emotional and mental well-being and you should never neglect any chance you get to practice some much needed self-loving (even when applying your foundation).

Here are some simple tips that can help you turn any beauty regimen into a form of self-care:

1. Take your time… even if that requires you waking up a little earlier (it won’t kill you but it will help, promise). Making time for yourself is hugely important when it comes to self care.

2. Spend the time alone. It’s ok to be selfish with your space, the last thing you need is any outside noise or distractions. Your beauty regimen can also serve as your time to think, meditate and decompress.

3. Choose a quiet place, whether that be your bathroom or bedroom. Remember, silence is golden. If you’d rather use this time to listen to music, that’s ok too.

4. Lastly, keep the routine going! Routines give you structure and knowing what to expect every morning or evening drastically reduces stress.

Nowadays it’s as if we’re always in a rush. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow it down, take a step back and breathe it out. This is that reminder. Take some time to relax. The world can wait… and it’ll be worth the wait after they see that full face slay!

Here are some products that help us turn our beauty regimens into a form of self-care. We think you’ll like them too!


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