Moisturize skin after drinking

4 Skin Survival Tips for Extreme Drinking

With the holidays in full swing, you’ve probably already out drank your summer self. To prep you for the New Year, we compiled 4 skin survival tips for extreme drinking season. Before you nurse an entire bottle of bubbly again, follow these tips so that you can look your Christmas best after your next night of binge drinking.

Drink water (and mind your business)

If you’ve ever gotten drunk, you’ve likely experienced dehydration. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it flushes water out of your system and keeps you in the bathroom once the “seal has broken”.  Dehydration leaves your skin dull and dry. Have you ever known makeup to sit well on dull, dry skin? Hint: the answer is no. Take a few days to binge drink water before your next night out – your skin will be supple, and your body will thank you for it.

Use a moisturizing face mask or regular moisturizer 

If you don’t like drinking water, your next best options are a moisturizing face mask or moisturizer that will lock in hydration. This combo is guaranteed to keep your skin plump before and after a night of drinking. Remember that moisturizer is best applied to damp skin to lock in hydration.

Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on

Remembering to remove your makeup after a night of extreme drinking can be tough. However, if you don’t want to wake up with issues that can last up to weeks, it is critical that you do. Your skin does a lot of maintenance while you sleep – keeping your makeup on only makes that more challenging.

Less is more

We might be pushing the envelope, but you may want to try scaling back on alcohol this holiday season. Not trying to be dramatic or ruin your time, but the long-term effects of excessive drinking are quite damaging. Dull, dry, puffy, red skin will be the least of your problems when you consider other side effects such as: liver disease, depression, and family problems.

Enjoy the holiday season (responsibly!) and be sure to stock up on makeup remover and moisturizer.


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