The Secret to Being a Selfie Queen

Notes on Selfies from the Selfie Queen Herself, Kim Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian-West is a selfie queen, period. Heck, we know that she is the selfie queen because she released a booked titled “Selfish“, duh. Whether you flipped through Kim’s book or scrolled through her well curated Instagram feed, there’s no denying that the woman sure knows how to take a good picture!

If you dream of becoming a selfie queen too, review some notes we made after scrolling through Kim’s Instagram feed.

Know your angles

We know, you probably thought we would start off with “good lighting” – don’t worry, we will get there. No matter how good your lighting is, your picture won’t be any good if you don’t know which angles work best for you. Unless you’re Kim who looks good from all angles, you’re probably like the rest of us mere mortals who only have one good side. Find that side and practice taking selfies in all settings.


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@kkwbeauty Lip Liner Nude 1.5 with Lipstick Nude 1.5. My fave new combo

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Find your light and shine there

Unless you’re Kylie Jenner who seems to magically control “golden hour” every day, you probably won’t be able to catch a selfie in its ultra-flattering light. Now, if you want to be a selfie queen, you will do like Kylie does and make sure you’re done up just in time to spend a couple hours nailing the shot. In any event, lighting is everything in photography! Perfect lighting can make you look slimmer, leaner, taller, prettier – you name it. Bad lighting, on the other hand, simply accentuates all your “flaws”. Unlike her younger sister, Kim Kardashian looks great in any lighting, including tungsten and halogen lighting, because duh, she is a selfie queen.

Focus on the symmetry of your face

One thing that is consistent about the selfie queen’s selfies is that her face is always the focal point. Meaning, her face is the center of the photo and she never cuts it off by posing at weird, disproportionate angles. At the very least, you want to make sure people can see your eyes, nose, and lips clearly, unless you’re purposefully going for an artistic angle.


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Thank you @jadellebh for making me the sickest stuff ✨

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Be confident

Last, but by no means least, be confident! We can’t stress this enough. One of the things that stands out about Kim Kardashian is her confidence. No matter how much people bash the selfie queen, she always keeps her heads up and presses forward, business and selfies as usual. Hate it all you want, but you can’t be mad at someone who is perpetually unbothered. The thing about confidence is it shows when you don’t have it. In fact, it’s usually obvious to everyone but you. So, the best way to perfect a selfie is to be yourself and be confident in your image.


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I need a spray tan

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